Amanda Burkeen Named a 2018 Outstanding Woman in Business

Tempe, AZ, January 30, 2018— Phoenix Business Journals has announced the 2018 awardees for its Outstanding Women in Business award, naming Amanda Burkeen, VP of Operations at NextNet Partners’, a winner.

“We are thrilled that Amanda has been recognized outside of our team by the Phoenix business community for her passion, strength, power, and leadership,” says Phil Calzadilla, CEO & Founder of NextNet Partners. “We are very proud to have Amanda not only as a member of the NextNet Partners family, but as part of our leadership team.”

NextNet Partners’ success can be attributed to its people, clients, and partners. Founder Calzadilla explains his vision is realized by hiring great people, getting the obstacles out of their way, and empowering them to do the right thing. Calzadilla adds, “finding someone like Amanda is one in a million; we are lucky to be learning from her every day and look forward to all of her future contributions!”

Looking ahead, NextNet Partners anticipates another year of growth and opportunity as more companies look to invest in localized managed IT services, upgrade the security and resilience of their network, transform to digital and collaborative workspaces, and more.