Tetration Analytics: Comprehensive Data Center Analytics

NextNet Partners is proud to offer Cisco’s revolutionary Data Center Analytics platform, Tetration Analytics. With this new platform, NextNet Partners can offer their data center clients the most comprehensive data center visibility and real-time analytics system available.

Next Generation Data Center Analytics Technology

Tetration pulls information from data center hardware and software sensors and then uses machine learning to analyze the information. One of its key features is that it can look at past events to see what happened, or allow IT professionals to make a policy change and see what would happen if implemented across the entire system. motleyfool.com

“When our clients add Tetration to their Analytics Platform, they can now monitor one million events per second,” said NextNet Partners Founder and CEO Phil Calzadilla excitedly. “It’s a game changer, for sure.”

There are other data center analytics platforms on the market, including Cisco’s partner Splunk, but Tetration analyzes information on a much broader scale than other companies can do.

From Network World’s story on Tetration:

The system will dramatically simplify operational reliability, application migrations to SDN and the cloud as well as security monitoring.


Hardware Breakdown

Tetration comes with 36 1RU Cisco UCS C220 Rack Servers and three Cisco Nexus 9372PQ Switches to provide connectivity to the servers. Tetration uses smart memory and storage hierarchy management, along with DRAMs, flash storage, and spinning disks to optimize the performance of real-time data and keep relevant existing data.

NextNet Partners is Proud to Offer Next Generation Technology

Whether it’s innovative cloud technology like Cloudcenter, stand out business collaboration tech like Spark, or groundbreaking analytics platforms like Tetration, NextNet Partners prides itself on our consultants consistently delivering the latest customizable technology that perfectly meets our clients unique needs and delivers business results.
For more on how the Tetration Analytics platform can optimize your data center efficiency, contact a NextNet Partners consultant today.